Run Dry Traction System

Run Dry Traction System Provides A World First Cutting Edge Active Safety System Technology To The Transport Industry Based On Research Led Initiatives Focussed On Reducing The Number Of Aquaplane Related Traffic Accidents And Associated  Injury And Fatality Statistics For The Benefit Of Wider Society

First Of Its Kind Technology Has The Potential To Reduce The Number Of Accidents By 10% Globally

RDTS Featured on BBC

At RDTS Technologies, we are developing the traction technology of the future, which takes the control beyond the vehicle to the road surface and allows manipulation of traction on road or rail surface.

We are primarily a research focused company. We develop niche traction technology up to technology readiness level 5 and then license it to Tier 1’s and OEM’s for further product development and integration.

We are also happy to carry out research and take up specific problem statements from the industry.