Wet weather responsible for

30 % accidents

Wet weather conditions are responsible for 30 % of road accidents, of which 70% happen due to wet weather conditions and remaining due  to other weather conditions like snow, icy conditions and snow

Road accidents claims

1.25 million deaths

Globally, road accidents claim 1.25 million lives every year. Even though the technology is continually evolving such as autonomous systems to eliminate human errors but still phenomenon like aquaplaning severely compromises the traction and is responsible for about 10% of the global accidents. This will continue to stay until something is done.

Road accidents also results in

50 million injuries

Globally, road accidents result in 50 million injuries. Decades of improvement in active and passive safety system have made our cars safer and at the same time faster. Also, the ever increasing density of cars per kilometer of road is contributing to this number and its likely to grow in coming years.

Global financial liability

$ 1.8 trillion

The annual global cost of damage due to the accidents is increasing rapidly and currently stands at $1.8 trillion. This directly results in increased cost of ownership.

Technology mapping

A new dimension in active safety systems

Deviation from Normal driving

Technologies like lane departure assist, haptic steering, several ADAS features assists driver in correcting the deviation from normal driving

Emergency and critical situation

Technologies like emergency braking, ABS, traction control etc. assists driver during emergency and critical situation

Crash unavoidable

These type of technologies will not only act on vehicle dynamics but also on external conditions. RDTS is one such technology that can improve the compromised traction

Post Crash

Post crash injuries are minimized by airbags, seatbelts, collapsible frames etc.

Traction is fundamental for all mobility systems to operate. Lack thereof is a major problem.

  • Weather conditions drastically affect the road traction and RDTS Technologies is working on a solution which manipulates traction by eliminating the surface contamination.
  • All the active safety or traction control systems are limited to solutions within vehicle dynamics and thus have limited ability on reduced friction surface.
  • As global warming is increasing the average rainfall the percentage share of weather related incidents is likely going to increase, highlighting the current need and importance of our solution.
  • Moreover, the number of cars per unit of road surface is increasing rapidly, which will further increase the number of accidents globally.
  • Designed to make the transport system safer, future mobility systems such as autonomous cars are equally vulnerable to weather related accidents. As such, no current line of research is being carried out aiming to fix or contain the problem of reduced surface friction.